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01 May 2022 20:00

This website is dedicated to the International Award of Hookah Battle for the best interior design of a hookah shop 2022.

Here, a vote is held, where users choose the best photo of the interior of one of the hookah shops, by which the finalist is determined by country.

The same semi-finals will be held in each of the 9 countries.

Frage Antwort


  • It’s free and all you have to do is register for participation and upload the best photo of your shop interior to the site.
  • 30 prizes in each of the awards, a high probability of winning.
  • If you do not win anything, then it will be free advertising for your establishment.

Wer kann teilnehmen?

  • Participation is free (there is no need to make any payments), and you must be over 21 years old.


  • The competition is open only to the owners or managers of a chain or a local hookah shop.


1. To participate, you need to register in the Hookah Battle system, create a brand, and complete the brand information.


*If you are the owner of a chain store, please register your brand taking into account the name of the store-the street or city of its location!

(E) shop_msk / shop_msk_tverskaya/


2. Upload a photo of the interior of your store on this site.


* You can upload only one photo, choose the best photo of the interior of your store and specify the name of your store (for example, the brand name)

There should be no people on the competition photos of the interior. Interior only.

Recommended photo parameters 1920×1080


3. The top 5 participants according to the results of the online voting pass to the semifinals for evaluation by the jury. The semi-final will be held in an online format (online stream)


3.1 The top 5 participants must record a video address to the judges in which they briefly talk about their SHOP.


* Subscribe to our social networks FacebookYoutubeVkontakteInstagram


4. On the semi-final online stream the judges determine the finalists and the winner by country using the Schulz method.


4.1 the Winners: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will receive award certificates from sponsors on the free shipment of goods in his venue.


5. The winner of the country is allowed to participate in the Grand Prix, where his task will be to shoot a video clip about his shopestancos.


  • Vote power of a regular account – 1
  • Verified account’s vote power – 10

*What is a verified account and how to do it

  • At launch voting, you are allowed to agitation on social networks to take part in the vote and leave your vote for you.


Using various dishonest cheats of votes!


All those who use these services will be automatically disqualified!

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